Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Obama and the Middle East

Recently, Senator Obama said that the Palestinians have suffered more than anyone. Actually there are many people in this world who have suffered at least as much as they have. The Israeli people certainly have also suffered much. I don't think it should be necessary to have a suffering contest as to who has suffered the most. Anyway, Senator Obama clarified his statement by saying that the suffering of the Palestinian people has been because of the unwillingness of their leaders to make peace with Israel. One might also add the surrounding Arab countries that invaded Israel in 1948 and have used the Palestinians to deflect their public opinion from their own failings, keeping many of the Palestinians in "refugee camps" instead of settling them into their communities as Israel did with the Jewish refugees from the Arab countries.
Since Senator Obama's clarification, a number of anti-Israel bloggers have denounced him. Apparently they mistakenly thought he was one of them. I would like to thank those anti-semitic bloggers for confirming my faith in Senator Obama. I believe all 3 of the serious candidates still standing, Obama, Clinton, and Mc Cain have similar foreign policy objectives toward the Middle East (with slightly different tilts), namely to protect America from terrorism post 9/11 and to stand by our true allies like Israel. I believe Senator Obama is the most effective leader to do it.

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