Monday, March 10, 2008

A Zionist for Obama

I am a Zionist. I voted for Senator Obama in the Democratic primary, and if he is nominated, I will vote for him for president. He has stated that he values the relationship between the USA and Israel as plainly as any of the 3 serious candidates. As for his support by Farrakhan, he has repudiated that. If one is going to follow the logic of opposing him because of views of the church he attends and everyone who supports him, one might also mention that Senator Clinton's husband works for Dubai, a country which participates in an embargo of Israel. Senator Mc Cain has joined forces with president Bush who is particularly friendly toward the oil industry which depends on the Middle East oil producing countries which are unfriendly toward Israel. The reality is that all 3 candidates support the relationship between the USA and Israel and have similar views toward the Middle East and terrorism although perhaps with slightly different slants. I favor Obama for many reasons as an American, but as a Zionist I favor Obama because he has been the most articulate about weaning us away from dependence on oil which has been used by Israel's enemies as a lever against her. I also believe that Senator Obama is the one best able to make his ideas become realities.

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