Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Concerning Rev Jeremiah Wright

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I voted for Senator Obama in the Democratic primary and intend to vote for him in the election in November.
I am unhappy with the remarks of Rev Jeremiah Wright (the retired pastor of the church which Senator Obama attends) in which Rev Wright insulted America and claimed a justification of the 9-11 invasion of our country by terrorists. He condemned America's ally, the State of Israel, calling it racist, and urged an economic boycott of Israel. He has supported Louis Farrakhan, an avowed anti-Semite. He also insulted my fellow citizens of Italian descent.
I am first an American, second a Jew, and third a Zionist. On all three counts, it would seem that Rev Wright does not like me. So I don't have to like him. His ideas, at least the ones I have heard, are contrary to those of Senator Obama's, as the senator stated in his speech. I believe Senator Obama was too kind to Rev Wright in saying that there is more to him. Rev Wright has not reciprocated that kindness with an apology or explanation of what he has said.
I must speak out against Rev Wright's comments because of my admiration for Senator Obama, and because I want to see him as the next president of our country. As for the notion that Israel is racist, the Israeli people are much more racially diverse than the Palestinian Arabs. Israel has taken in and made Israeli citizens of thousands of refugees from Africa, not only the Black Jews of Ethiopia, but also hundreds of Black Moslem Darfurians who escaped persecution and genocide by the Sudanese Arabs.
I support Senator Obama because he is the most capable candidate to fight terrorism and to develop alternate energy sources to get us away from our dependence on foreign oil which supplies revenue for the terrorists. Perhaps the reason Rev Wright has not come out of hiding to explain himself is that he really does not want Senator Obama to become president. It would disprove what he has said and make him irrelevant.

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